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BRE Innovative Solutions LLC Seminars and Events



BRE Innovative Solutions' mission is to help women and girls achieve healthier environments, develop mentors, and engage in activities that strengthen women and promote innovation for a brighter tomorrow through collaboration and driving access to tools, resources, creative discussion dialog, and healthy community engagement.

BRE Innovative Solutions develops SELVR software and SEL programs that emphasize stronger, more meaningful connections, deeper engagement, and safer spaces while exploring social, emotional, and economic wellness, setting healthy goals, boundaries, and advisory standards among student populations ages 14 and up.


Our seminars, events, and discussions are tailored to offer strategies and tools to empower and equip all ages in the area of developing social, economic, and emotionally intelligent life skills.


Bring your thoughts and ideas or a spark of timely creative ingenuity. Be yourself and see if you can align your environment the way you have always imagined. Safe and Productive.


BRE (IS) Seminars offer productive and safe learning environments that engage groups in purposeful, meaningful discussions on topics that matter.

Each event is used as a springboard to empower decision-making and expand audience thought processes. We look forward to seeing you at your next event. 

BRE (IS) Discussions are fully facilitated and directed. Feel free to contact us at for more information.

"The Greatest Discovery of My Generation Is That Human Beings Can Alter Their Lives By Altering Their Attitudes of Mind" - William James

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Our mission is to engage and empower others through virtual learning environments that engage attendees in relevant social-emotional learning education and discussions that are in alignment with organizational values and initiatives. Our seminars are designed for the empowerment of today's multigenerational learning environment.


Bre innovative virtual solutions assist individuals and families in utilizing and leveraging virtual learning platforms to enable attainable sustainable learning opportunities.

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