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Virtual Reality Device

Social Emotional Learning Technology

Thank you for your interest in BRE (IS) ONEHEART SELVR TM

Social Emotional Learning Software and Program Facilitation

Want More Information:

For more info: Schedule a Consultation here

ONEHEART APP Launch Date is still pending

Smartphone compatible Version still pending

VR compatible Version still pending

Future Software Development

A key area of ongoing operational activities includes software research and development. The organization recognizes the importance of technology in creating effective student programs and solutions. By engaging in software development, BRE IS aims to stay at the forefront of innovation and provide cutting-edge tools for empowering local women and girls. For more details email


QUESTIONS? Feel free to reach out to us via email at


Interested in a consulting demo for the ONEHEART SELVR Software and Program Facilitation?

More details are available upon request. All event bookings require a minimum booking fee depending on audience size, availability, location, and attendees, plus a Program Facilitation fee. Program Facilitation Costs may vary based on the presentation material, location, program technology, audience demographics, and size.  Reach out for an online consultation or email

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