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Freedom Run 2024 5K

Running for Women's Health and Wellness

Running a Marathon

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Each volunteer should commit to emulating the ACH shared vision: “All community members deserve to experience mental, social, physical, financial, and spiritual well-being. Recognizing how Inherited legacies of systemic racism have perpetuated trauma and exclusion, particularly among Indigenous populations and communities of color. Together we can create new legacies – and the conditions — that ensure a sense of belonging for all people who call this region home. We are accountable to each other and to the well-being of future generations”

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Motivation Comes From Within

Beyond learned lifestyle and hereditary factors, did you know that social and economic disparities are a leading cause of cardiac events among women of color?

Through education, community support, awareness,  lifestyle adjustments, and by bringing women of all races together to share in this fun, heart-healthy, heartwarming, community-centered engagement, we can share the importance of the development of commonality within community while also emphasizing the importance of safe spaces in relationship to wellness.

We Look Forward To Seeing You There!



Our Women’s Health 5k objective is to enhance and strengthen community by promoting health and wellness throughout 2024 .

We hope this event will promote participatory health, wellness, and well-being activities, and engrain a sense of belonging within community.

We hope this event will spark community solutions for the cardiovascular challenges specifically impacting the heart health outcomes of women and girls in our region. 

Running Outdoors
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