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Booking Corporate Events and Seminars

Introductory workshop pricing:

We currently offer facilitation of three introductory and 3-day seminars, discussions, and group workshops, per availability for corporate bookings.

To book a private online or in-person event or to inquire about our group pricing please direct your group size and event request to the booking team directly at or schedule a free online consultation here.  

Ask about the following facilitated events:

  • Online Social Economic Awareness and Financial Literacy Introductory and 3-day Workshop

  • "Vent"  Events: Ketch-up and Mustard Hang Outs: Always Community SEL Centered and Fully Facilitated 

  • Creating a Game Plan for the Future Introductory and 3-day Workshop

  • Young Adults in Finance LIVE 3-day Workshop

The prices listed below do not include technology demonstration costs and may vary depending on the seminar audience, size, location, and topic.

Non-Profit Bookings may qualify for a partial waiver with the submission of the Seminar Fee Waiver Request Form. (Form available upon request)   

Need a booking for a group of 25 or more?

please email

Small Youth Groups of up to 25 Attendees from grades 7-12

Online and In-person Discussions and Comprehensive Workshops

Program Facilitation prices start at

Economic Literacy Introductory $1599.00

3-Day Boot Camp $5459.00 

for a group size of 10 students

Online and In-person Groups over 25 Attendees

Final pricing for Financial Literacy Program Facilitation is available upon request. All event books require a minimum $450 non-refundable booking fee depending on audience size, availability, location, and attendees, plus the Program Facilitation fee. Program Facilitation Costs may vary based on the presentation material, location, and audience. Email us at

Online Privacy and Inclusion Statement

It is important that BRE Seminar attendees feel safe when attending sessions. Therefore, the highest environmental, privacy and security regulations will be adhered to in every seminar.

Small Adult Audiences of up to 25 Attendees

Online and In-Person Group Seminars and Discussions

Program Facilitation prices start at

Economic Literacy Introductory $1359.00 

3-Day Boot Camp $5459.00 

for a group size of 10 attendees

 Session Note

  • Each Introductory seminar/discussion consists of no more than 60-90 minutes of discussion content. per session

  • 3-Day Boot Camp includes approximately 120 minutes of activities and discussion content per session.

  • Event requests must be submitted a minimum of 60 or more days in advance for review and pre-approval.

  • PDF of seminar brochure and worksheets will be offered when and if applicable.

  • Seminars offered are private, invitation-only, and specifically facilitated to support the economic and or social growth and empowerment of the organization and its participants. 

A note about the importance of a healthy inclusive learning environment


BRE CEO/Founder

"It's my goal to foster and nourish environments that uplift community engagement, social learning, and literacy topics. Your participation and support of our corporate events and values enable ongoing events and empower safe and accessible, innovative learning spaces.

Thank you for your support. "

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